BC Manufacturing

Cheese & Dairy Packing Specialist

Bohergloss, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny


Since its formation in 1987, BC Manufacturing has been at the forefront of the cheese and dairy packing industry.

Providing packing options for Blocked, Grated, Sliced and Pre-packed for  retail and food service markets, both home and abroad.

We provide packing options including :

Vacuum Packs

Gas Flushed


Portion sizes across the range from 180 G up to 5 KG.

Our Range of Packing Solutions.


Pre-Pack Cheddar Block

We supply a wide range of portion sizes from 200 g ,250 g, 350 g ,400 g all the way up to 1000 g in flow wrap and vac pack options.


We provide a wide range of portion sizes in 90 x 90 mm machine sliced cheddar.

We also provide a range of Hand Cut cheddar.

Grated Portions

We provide a variety of grated products ranging from Retail portion sizes of 200 g to 500 g.

In pillow and doy style formats.

Waxed Cheddar’s.

We provide a range of hand waxed cheddar’s from a variety of portion sizes.

Food Service Options

Providing Food Service options in Grated 1-2 kg in pillow pack design , Slices 1-2 kg in re-sealable packs and blocks 1 -2 kg in vac pack style.